To help make sense of a child's difficulties, I use play, drawing and words.   I combine several methodologies in my work.  I tailor my approach to the individual child and work in an age-appropriate way.    

Regular parent consultations are an important part of the process.

Parent meetings focus on helping parents understand and make

sense of their child's  behaviour and how to modify their response

to their child.   Please see below for an outline of each of the

modalities that I use to create a therapeutic plan for your child. 



Art Therapy

Art Therapy allows the client to explore thoughts and feelings using

a variety of art supplies including markers, paint, clay, photography

and digital art.


Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

CBT is a form of psychotherapy. It was originally designed to treat

depression, but is now used for a number of mental illnesses.

It works to solve current problems and change unhelpful thinking and behavior.


Emotional Intelligence

With children, I use art to teach emotional intelligence.   Emotional Intelligence gives children the capacity to be aware of, control, and express their emotions, and to handle interpersonal relationships with empathy.



Mindfulness uses meditation and breathing to help children and adults.  As published in  Evidence  for  the  Impact   of  Mindfulness on  Children  and Young  People, written by Katherine  Weare,  "Well-  conducted  mindfulness  interventions  can  improve  the  mental,  emotional,   social  and  physical  health  and  wellbeing  of  young  people who  take  part.  It  has  been   shown  to  reduce  stress,  anxiety,  reactivity  and  bad  behaviour,  improve  sleep  and   self­‐esteem,  and  bring  about  greater  calmness,  relaxation,  the  ability  to  manage   behaviour  and  emotions,  self­‐awareness  and  empathy"


Recreation Therapy 

I use fitness, games and play to help children to release stress, gain confidence and help them to improve developmentally-appropriate play skills.